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Cat Toys

As a cat owner and avid cat lover, I can tell you one thing about them: they don’t care about what we want. I’ve gone out and spent a fortune on cat treats, toys, foods, beds, bowls, trays, collars and much, much more, only for my little shadow to feign ignorance and climb back into

Socialising your kitten

As most dog owners know, introducing two pups to one another can have amazing, if not hilarious results. However, there is a stigma associated with introducing cats, let alone kittens, to one another. We’re here today to break the stigma and set the record straight: it can be done, and it’s far easier than you

cat in the sun

Cat Heatstroke

While it’s probably not the first thing anyone thinks of on the subject of Summer (especially in Ireland), cats can get heatstroke. This is caused by their body temperature rising and there being no place or way for them to cool it back down. Cats only pant or sweat through their foot pads in order

cat in the cattery

Preparing Your Cat for the Cattery

If you’re like me, your upcoming holiday was recently put on indefinite hold and, if you’re also like me, it certainly didn’t do you any good! However, it might not be this year, but holidays in warm countries will resume once again. So, the question is, what will you do with your cat while you’re

cat body language

Reading your Cat’s Body Language

Ever wonder what your cat may be thinking? What breadth of wild imaginings pass between its ears? Perhaps how they view you, their owner, and how they feel about you? While many of us may be self-isolating at this time, our cats are certainly wondering why we’re home so much! In any case, we’ve come

Why Should I Get my Cat Spayed or Neutered?

Once your kitten reaches four months of age, they will be nearing a time in their life much like that of our own puberty. For males and females both, this can be a blessing and a curse; between unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive organ ailments, a cat’s road to ‘discovering themselves’ is paved