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cat in the cattery

If you’re like me, your upcoming holiday was recently put on indefinite hold and, if you’re also like me, it certainly didn’t do you any good! However, it might not be this year, but holidays in warm countries will resume once again. So, the question is, what will you do with your cat while you’re off sunning yourself on a well-deserved break?

Well, if you didn’t already know, we at Village Vets have just the thing – two state-of-the-art cat hotels, ready and waiting to check your bundle of fluff in! But, before you rock in with David Meowie, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare your paw-star for their stay with us. Have a gander below and learn how to ready your cat for their own vacation!

 Rebel Rebel

When it comes to vaccinating your cat, don’t be a rebel. Vaccines are an essential requirement for your cat if you plan on putting them in any cat hotel, not just ours. We won’t take any cats that haven’t had their vaccines, end of. Having your cat vaccinated ensures that, one; they won’t have any diseases, and two; that they won’t pass anything on to other guests during their stay. Of course, we can vaccinate your cat whenever you’d like, but you’ll need to make a separate appointment with us when both of you are ready. We recommend having your cat vaccinated anyway, so in reality you’d be doing two jobs at once!

Modern Love:

The other requirement we specify is that all male cats who plan on staying with us are neutered. The last thing anyone wants is Mrs Nulty coming to pick up her precious Lulu, only to discover that there are five smaller Lulus waiting for her. Having your cat neutered also means that they will be less inclined to start scuffles with other guests when they’ve had too many bowls of cream. Again, this is a requirement for all male guests, but we do offer neutering services. To find out more about our neutering process, click here.


If you plan on putting your cat into a cattery or cat hotel, it’s a good idea to have them examined by a Vet. This can give you a sense of your cat’s general health and can address any underlying issues that may prevent them from enjoying their stay. We normally request that all guests who plan on staying with us are in good health, but we can tailor your cat’s stay to their needs; providing them with a pre-bought specialised diet, additional nutritional supplements and any other health requests that they may have. We want your cat to have a relaxing and enjoyable time with us; the same as you’d like to have in your chosen destination!

Space Oddity:

We know from experience that cats are fussy creatures by nature. As such, it pays to make a list of all of the things that your cat likes and doesn’t like, perhaps also their personality and whether they are ok to be in the presence of furry company. We’ll take special considerations with your cat: If they’re shy, we’ll provide them plenty of places to hide; if they like to be groomed and brushed, we’ll have our trained staff groom them everyday; if they like to be left to their own devices, we’ll keep an eye and a few pets aside for them anyway. Of course, most good catterys offer the same services, but you have the added benefit with us of knowing that a Vet is always on standby and that your cat will have their own cat pod to recline in; a space they can call their own while staying with us.

We hope this quick guide (and its references to Bowie’s best songs) helps you to understand what exactly you and your cat will need to do before either of you can go your on holidays and, if nothing else, has given you something new to listen to. If you have any questions regarding our cat hotels or any of the other services mentioned above, you can always give us a call or visit our website.

For now, cat-fans, we’ve plenty of guests to be tending to. We hope any difficulties surrounding visits to warm countries resolve themselves soon and, whatever your needs, our doors are always open to you.

Au revoir!