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cat body language

Ever wonder what your cat may be thinking? What breadth of wild imaginings pass between its ears? Perhaps how they view you, their owner, and how they feel about you? While many of us may be self-isolating at this time, our cats are certainly wondering why we’re home so much! In any case, we’ve come up with a ‘cheat-sheet’ that’ll help give you a clear idea of what your cat is musing on. Read onwards and be amazed at how they subtly tell you everything you need to know!

The Blink:

Ah, the blink; the thing all cat owners strive towards. The blink is given only to those who are worthy. In the wild, cats will rarely close their eyes (as their instincts demand). However, when they feel safe, secure and trust the people or cats around them, they will give them the blink; a slow and sluggish eyelid close followed by an equally slower open. In English, this translates to: I trust you and I may also love you. Do it back and let your cat know that you feel the same!

Stalking, Prowling:

If you see your cat skulking behind the couch or perhaps creeping in the corner of your eye, his or her prey drive is engaged and they are on the hunt! Fear not, this isn’t something to be worried about; cats naturally seek to expel their energy and will frequently engage their prey drive when they feel bored. Whether it’s a fly, a toy or your hand, your cat is seeking to end its existence (playfully and with gentle precision). Though do be aware of this activity when small children are present and teach them about what your cat is doing; it’ll help them to know what to look for in future.

A Tail as Old as Time:

A cat’s tail is almost as expressive as its face. When upright and straight, your cat is projecting their confidence to all who can see. When it is curled, perhaps trailing around your leg or another cat’s tail, your little feline is showing affection. When their tail is low or between their legs, your cat may not feel comfortable with the current situation. Finally, when their tail is brush-like and vibrating they are telling anyone who cares to stay as far away as possible. Watch your cat’s tail and unlock the secrets of their mind!

Pet Me, If You Dare:

We’ve all done it: We see our cat roll over and present their stomach to us. Naturally we think they want pets and rubs and scratches, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your cat is actually stretching when they do this and then we come along and causally interrupt it. Thankfully we don’t attack each other when we do this to humans, but cats see it differently and engage their prey drive almost immediately. This can lead to some scratched hands and fingers and we can’t even say that your cat feels sorry about it either. It’s just who they are…


A cat’s pupils are a good indication of what it may be thinking. Constricted or tight looking eyes mean that your cat is currently highly focused on one thing; almost always prey. On the other hand, dilated pupils can signify that your cat is frightened or uneasy and is trying to take in as much visual information as possible. However, it is important to note that your cat’s entire body must be read in order to give you the best idea of what it may be thinking.

For example: A cat with dilated pupils and a loose tail isn’t frightened, they’re either incredibly relaxed or under the effects of catnip!


Are you ready for the biggest plot-twist this side of the Sixth Sense? We hope so… Cats don’t meow to each other. Yes, you heard that correctly. They don’t normally, anyway. They use it to grab our attention. A cat will use meowing as a means to get food, point something out, say hello or just to be a nuisance. If your cat is meowing, it’s probably a good idea to check out what it wants!

With the many hours you and your cat have ahead of yourselves, now is the perfect time to perfect the finer points of your relationship. In no time you and your cat will be the best of buddies, able to communicate flawlessly through silent stares alone. 

Ciao for now! Or, meow for now..