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The gift of Health

As much as we might not want them to, cats and kittens always seem to get themselves into a mess or two. No matter how big or how small, if you take on with the life of a feline, chances are you’re going to need a Vet at some point over the course of a

Smile! – Teeth Health

Trust us, we know what you’re thinking: ‘They must be mad if they think I’ll get near my cat’s mouth!’. It’s true, a snowball has a better chance in Hell than you getting a chance to peek at your cat’s teeth. However, as much as your cat might loathe you for being near her mouth,

Cat feeding mistakes

How about a story to start things off? My cat, who shall remain nameless in order to protect his identity, wasn’t eating for me. Naturally I became quite concerned about this and my first stop was the Vet. After tests, examinations and an office doting over him, the cause of his apparent hunger strike had

Cat Heatstroke

If the last few weeks are anything to go by, when the Sun’s out it gets hot. Unlike us humans who can sweat through our skin, cats can only sweat through their foot pads. If this can’t take place then heatstroke sets in, leading to exhaustion, organ failure and even death. Typically, a cat won’t

Stop a Cat From Scratching

Birds fly, dogs bark, horses gallop and cats scratch; that’s just how it is, it’s something they’ve always done and it’s something that they’ll always do. Though, this presents a conundrum for feline parents who wish for their good couch to remain unscratched, as it were. So, how do you stop a cat from scratching

cat in the carrier

Bringing your cat to Just Cats

We know that coming to the veterinary clinic can be extremely stressful for cats but also for their owners. This often means owners prolong visits to the vet not out of neglect but out of worry they will stress their cat. We want you to feel reassured that we are here to help you with

cat neuter

Cat Neutering

Most people are surprised when we tell them their kitten will reach sexual maturity at four months of age. Therefore, we recommend neutering from this age. We recommend neutering for female cats for the following reasons: To lower the risk of mammary tumours To lower the risk of womb infection (pyometra) To expel the risk

scruff free cat clinic

Feline friendly handling and Scruff-free visits

In Just Cats we believe compassionate and respectful handling of cats is instrumental in reducing the stress of the vet visit. For this reason we only use  feline-friendly handling techniques and we adapt our approach to each individual cat and situation. We believe Feline friendly handling has several advantages:  ✜ Reduced fear and pain for