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cat clinic dublin

Holding a gold standard award from the International society of Feline Medicine means that we have reached the specific criteria that is believed to help your cat and your visit to be less stressful and more comfortable. It is proven that stress can cause illness and prolonged recovery in cats. Therefore, it is so important to us to maintain the specific standard required to reduce stress as much as possible.

Training: All members of staff are required to complete certain training in a feline specific area and to continue to train and develop their skills and expertise. At Just Cats every vet, nurse and receptionist is always undertaking feline courses which are highly accredited and collectively bring huge expertise and knowledge to Just Cats. 

The Premises: All staff members understand how hypersensitive to noise cats are. Therefore, we work hard at keeping noise levels down at all times. Cats are also extremely sensitive to smell, and they find some smells, like bleach, really offensive and can heighten their stress levels. Because of this all of our cleaning products are approved to be used around cats ensuring a clean and hygienic environment with no lingering odours. 

The reception area: We aim to make this as peaceful as possible prior to consultation. Cats prefer to be above ground level. Therefore, we have cat trees that extend above ground so that cats can perch there in their carriers helping them to feel safer. We also encourage the use of blankets to cover carriers so that cats do not make eye contact with each other.   

Consultation rooms: These rooms are cat proofed and have all the necessary equipment in them to allow full and thorough examinations with little disruptions. Our consultation slots are longer to allow the cat to explore the room if they wish, to help minimise stress and to allow for ‘cat friendly’ handling. 

Hospitalisation Kennels: We have large kennels throughout Just Cats. They all have a shelf so the cat can perch if they wish and they are big enough to allow for a large litter tray, food and water bowls, a comfy bed and a box to hide in if they wish. Each kennel has opaque floors and ceilings and are noise proofed for the cat’s comfort and to minimise stress as much as possible. 

All of the above criteria are reviewed every year to ensure the highest standard of care and the most stress-free environment that can be offered to allow for the safest and quickest recovery for your cat.