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Top Pet Names 2015

It's that time of year again, Aoife Caulfield of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic has our annual Top Pet Names Survey ready and there were a few surprises! Who know cat owners were soccer fans? While there has long been a trend for naming our pets human names, which feline moniker is steadily climbing the baby name stakes?

Although we only treat your feline friends at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Aoife Caulfield has managed to survey over 70,000 dogs and cats from veterinary clinics across Dublin, Meath and Kildare. 

Last Hope Animal Charity

Over the last months of 2014, we have become involved with Last Hope Animal Charity and their spay/neuter programs. They have also helped us share information on cats needing new homes. We are so impressed with their efforts to improve many animals lives, cats, dogs, rabbits and other small furry pets. We have neutered many stray and feral cats with their voucher scheme since joining them in September. We are also hoping to help them with some TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) efforts in the future.

Just Cats Press Release

Just Cats is a new clinic dedicated to cats - only cats!

It’s a first for Dublin and follows international trends towards cat only vet care

For too long cats have been living in the shadows of our canine friends but a new clinic has opened its doors in Dublin aiming to change this and put cats on a pedestal (literally)!!  ‘Just Cats’ follows international trends towards cat specific veterinary care clinics due to the stress for cats associated with a visit to a vet.  

Move Over Rover and Whiskers - Top Pet Names 2014

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When it comes to babies name, we know that in 2013, Jack and Emily were the most popular according to the CSO. But what about our furry friends? While trends and celebrity personalities often influence our choice of names of children, does it affect how we name our four legged friends? Up to now, no analysis or data has been available to reflect what we name dogs and cats but research from Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Dublin has now clarified what we have all being waiting for.

National Microchipping Month

It's National Microchipping Month! This is an initiative supported by many charaties and vets alike. To show our support, we are discounting the price of microchipping to €20 for the month of September and hope to get as many cats as we can chipped. This is so important to help reunite lost and injured pets with their owners quickly.

Why Microchip?

Microchip identification is the most permanent way to identify your cat. It is safe, practical & excellent value for money. It is also a requirement for most registries of purebred cats.

National Feral Cat Awareness Week

This week is National feral cat awarenes week. The number of feral cats in Ireland is above hundreds of thousands. This is as a result of feral cats mating with other cats and breeding numerous litters of kittens. These kittens grow up to be wild also as they have no human contact. They learn to fend for themselves and more often than not this does not involve any kind of human interaction. This makes it very difficult for anyone to catch these feral cats. A lot of us will feed these feral cats when they show up in our garden but unfortunately this is not enough.

Our First Patient!!


Meet Toffee, our first patient here at Just Cats! Toffee's mum was first in line yesterday to meet us and get Toffee booked in for his neuter. He is 4 months old and has started to go out and not come back in a hurry. His family were becomming worried about him. So, as responsible cat owners, the decision was taken to neuter him asap to prevent any more roaming, or more serious actions like fighting or breeding. They brought Toffee in this morning and he underwent and general anaesthetic. Surgery went well and he was awake and eating within an hour.

Now Open!!

Dublins First Cat Only Veterinary Clinic; Just Cats Veterinary Clinic, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Dublin 15.

We are all about cats!


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