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As the days are getting shorter the spooky season is around the corner it is time to get your Halloween decorations! Whilst we humans love to dress up and watch scary movies it can be quite the opposite for our feline friends. 

It can be very frightening for cats to be around strange sounds, smells, and sights during the autumn holiday season. In addition to being potentially dangerous, it can also be very stressful for our elegant furry friends. 

Let’s discuss the best ways to keep your cats safe during Halloween period!


Avoid cat costumes that are complicated! 

Dressing up your cat in a Dracula costume can make some of the most impressive festive pictures; however, not all costumes might be right for your little vampire.

Some costumes bought from the store are highly flammable and may have buckles and belts that are easily tangible. These costumes might look adorable but also pose a danger as they can pull on the fur, obstruct breathing and make your cat feel disorientated.

If you decide to opt-in for a costume for your cat, choose something loose-fitting, light, and without strings. 

If your cat is more comfortable wearing costumes besides being a Mr Grumpy Cat, make sure you don’t leave them unattended for long periods of time. 


Keep snacks and sweets away from reach! 

We all should know that sweets and chocolates are toxic for any pet, including cats, due to the artificial sweeter commonly found in commercial candies. It is better to keep the sweets away behind counters as rustling sounds attract your cat, and you know they won’t leave it alone easily! 

Cats tend to get curious, and we know that they will go and explore the kitchen; make sure you properly dispose of candy wrappers! 

Sweets wrapped in plastic and other types of wrapping are dangerous to your cat; if ingested, they may lead to choking or cause an obstruction in the stomach which might need surgical intervention. 

Instead, we recommend keeping cat treats at hand this way you can satisfy your curious friend as we all know they like to explore

Safety of the decorations during Halloween!

If you love to decorate your home nice and spooky for the Halloween, consider carefully where you will place the decorations! Cats are curious creatures and will definitely want to explore the web cobs, candles and other decorations. 

Easily reachable decorations – or candles- can be knocked over and become a hazard for the entire household. You can either opt for battery-operated candles or place them safely away from your curious bob’s reach.


Keep an eye on the anxiety levels of your cat.

One of pet owners’ most common concerns about this holiday season is the stress their animals are going through. During this time, it can be frightening for them as the doorbell may constantly ring as trick-or-treaters arrive. There might be gatherings of people next door with loud music playing or even fireworks! 

The loud noises outside, music and fireworks can be stressful for some cats. With the constant door opening and closing, your cat might try to escape.

If your cat is timid and wary of noises, we recommend keeping your little tiger in a safe space, like a back room with some music to block out the doorbell and put out their treats, favourite blanket and water. 

If your cat is susceptible to noise, it is better to consult in advance with your Vet for the best medicine to relieve noise aversion. With the pet health care plan at Just Cats, we are a ‘Cats Only’ clinic where you can come down for a free visit and consult with the Vet for the best medicine that would help your anxious cat. 


Just Cats: Consult us and give your pets the love and care it deserves

We hope these tips will be helpful to keep your beloved pet safe and well; however, accidents can happen and, in such cases, don’t wait to have your pet treated in the case of an emergency. Always know where your nearest Vet is on hand. 

If you suspect your pet has consumed a toxic substance during Halloween, bring your animal straight to see your Vet.

Happy Trick or Treating!