Free Nurse Clinics

cat in just cats hospital

Our qualified registered veterinary nurses are highly trained to deliver many different types of care to your cat. Nurse consultations are free at Just Cats and they cover a wide range of areas to ensure the best health care for your cat.

Kitten checks

Getting a new kitten is a very exciting time for the whole family. We also know that this time can be a little daunting especially for new cat owners. We love seeing these little ones and advising owners on how best to care for them so they grow up to be calm and sociable individuals. We recommend bringing them in to us for a nurse visit so that we can assess their health and ensure appropriate parasite control. This is also a great time for owners to ask us any questions they have about diet, behaviour, vaccinations, neutering, microchipping and any other areas that owners are curious or unsure about.

2nd vaccinations

After your cat has had their first vaccination with a vet, their 2nd vaccination will be carried out by our nurses.

Post neutering check ups

Nurses are qualified in wound management and post-operative care which is extremely important for your cat’s recovery post-surgery.

Weight management

Excess weight can have many negative effects on your cats’ body and their behaviour. Our nurses provide weight clinics to help your cat reach a healthy weight. This can be difficult for owners, but our nurses are there as your support system throughout your cat’s journey.

Our Nurses

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Head Nurse