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T’was the month before Christmas, and soon to appear, will be tinsel and baubles and much festive cheer. Now while many humans are eager for that, there is much to consider if your home has a cat. The trees and the tinsel, the flowers and food can be harmful to cats, but with this Cat-mas guide, we won’t dull the mood! 


Safety of Holiday Decoration 

During the holiday season, many things could go wrong, especially with the curious ginger in the house; therefore, we should be mindful of the decoration that can be dangerous to cats in your care:

  • Get your Christmas tree out early and hold off the decoration for a few days; this way, your kitty will get used to the tree first and probably feel less eager to explore the tree.
  • Make sure your Christmas tree is stable and secure, as your little tiger, if still curious, will probably try to climb up your festive tree. We also recommend putting some weights on the tree trunk and covering it with tin foil ( they won’t like the sound of it; therefore, they will keep them away).  
  • Make sure that the electric cords from the Christmas lights or any other decorations you might have are out of reach and covered with cardboard tubes. 
  • Keep fragile baubles at the top of the Christmas tree or consider using safer materials like decorations made out of wood or even handcrafted paper ornaments! 


Poisonous substances and foods to your cat

Another point to remember is that some Christmas decorations can be poisonous to your cat, like the red-blooming plant Poinsettia, also known as the Christmas plant, is toxic to your feline. This also includes other traditional Christmas decorations like Mistletoe and Holly. 

Speaking of poisonous substances, we all know chocolate or chicken bones are dangerous. As proud cat owners, we know the list of foods that are toxic to your cat; when having people over for Christmas, it is good to let your guests know about the food that can be dangerous to your kitty! 



Instead, we recommend safe Holiday decor: 

  • Give your kitty a fine stocking to hang with their name on it, this way, your home will look festive, and your cat will receive a stocking full of presents and treats on Christmas day! 
  • Choose your Christmas decoration materials carefully, and opt-in for decorations made out of wood or other durable materials. 
  • Do not leave tinsel and fake snow on the levels that your kitty might reach as these materials are toxic for both humans and cats if ingested. 


Christmas presents for your kitty

Another fun part of the holiday season is giving presents to our loved ones, including our fur babies. Because you are a fun cat parent – we recommend getting your cat activity toys, like a robo-mouse or feather wag with cat nip (make sure to hide toys with catnip away from the Christmas decorations!) 

But no better gift this Christmas of a loving parent than a gift of health and well-being! You can gift your cat a personalised Pet Health Care plan for the entire year that includes necessary tests, vaccinations and exams that your pet might need. In addition to that, you get unlimited free vet visits for any of your kitty’s needs! Let it be one of the best gifts you can give your beloved furry friend! 

Have a very happy Cat-Mas!