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As much as cats may want us to think that they’re strong, capable creatures, they need as much love and attention as any other pet. The short answer, of course, is that yes, cats can become anxious when separated from their owners. Perhaps not as much as dogs, but anxious nonetheless. So, if you’ve got a cat and a holiday coming up, here are some things you can do to alleviate their stress while you’re away alleviating yours!

Have a friend or family member check in on them:
While not exactly the most ground-breaking tip we could offer, having someone close to you stop by when you’re away should help to put your own worries to rest. Besides, your cat will most likely welcome the company. For extended holidays, you may need to look into having your cat stay with a friend or family member who is willing (and able) to look after them. We always recommend that the person you choose is familiar with minding cats along with being familiar to the individual needs of your own!

Bring them with you!:
Depending on your chosen destination, it may be a case that you can bring your pet with you. When travelling abroad, your pet will need their very own pet passport as a well as a cage or crate to call their own when in-transit to your holiday location. A word of warning though; Irish cats will not do well in extreme temperatures nor will they pleased in colder climates. France, Germany, Belgium… places similar to Ireland would be ideal for you to take your kitty along for the ride. Though do be vigilant if your cat is prone to wandering; the last thing you need is a missing cat on holidays!


Have a friend or family member Facetime them:
If your cat is feeling especially anxious in your absence, have a friend visit and videocall them to you. Trust us when we say “if it feels stupid but it works, it’s not stupid”. As a pet parent it’s ok for you to feel anxious over leaving your pet behind, and we know all-too-well that pets miss us terribly when we’re away. In this day and age it’s amazing what we can do with one another over such vast distances, so make use of the tech at your finger-tips and give your cat a surprise!

Give them a holiday too:
If a friend can’t come around and your family is inexperienced with minding a cat, you may need to seek an alternative arrangement for your pet. Luckily, Ireland is home to a range of amazing Cat Hotels and Catterys. Take, for example, our very own Just Cats Cat Hotel situated in Clonsilla; Just Cats Clonsilla is a stone’s throw away from Dublin Airport, meaning you can drop off your best friend while enroute to your holiday! While away, your pet will be in the lap of luxury as they are treated to a tasty meal, their own quarters where they can call home and 24 hours a day supervision by our talented and trained Just Cats Hotel Staff. The Just Cats Hotel is also a cat-only premises, so there’s no need to worry about your pet having to get along with any other species, other than their own!

So, we hope you have an amazing time while you’re away. Like all good owners, we’re sure your cat will be over the moon to have you back home again, but we hope our tips have helped you decide how they’ll be minded while you’re gone!