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Grooming & Supply provides grooming services for all dog and cat breeds. We are fully committed to the health and hygiene of your furry best friends. We offer free estimates and consultations to help your pet look and feel their best!

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We offer quick & easy services for both dogs and cat of various breeds. No matter their
size or age, we can provide positive grooming experience.

Quality Styling, Clipping & Bathing is Hard to Find…

"Very Affordably Priced"
Caroline Bryan
# Pet Grooming Flint “Our Topaz loves going to see Pet! She does an awesome job! She’s friendly, affordably priced & really cares about her clients & their owners. I would not go anywhere else. You should not either.”
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Stop a Cat From Scratching

Birds fly, dogs bark, horses gallop and cats scratch; that’s just how it is, it’s something they’ve always done and it’s something that they’ll always do. Though, this presents a conundrum for feline parents who wish for their good couch to remain unscratched, as it were. So, how do you stop a cat from scratching

cat in the carrier

Bringing your cat to Just Cats

We know that coming to the veterinary clinic can be extremely stressful for cats but also for their owners. This often means owners prolong visits to the vet not out of neglect but out of worry they will stress their cat. We want you to feel reassured that we are here to help you with

cat neuter

Cat Neutering

Most people are surprised when we tell them their kitten will reach sexual maturity at four months of age. Therefore, we recommend neutering from this age. We recommend neutering for female cats for the following reasons: To lower the risk of mammary tumours To lower the risk of womb infection (pyometra) To expel the risk

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